Glasses Frame Repairs
Get an estimate for glasses frame repairs Kentish Town within 24/48 hours


How long do glasses frame repairs for Kentish Town in London take?

In most cases glasses repairs for Kentish Town in London can be achieved within only 24-48 hours.

If longer is needed, due to access to uncommon parts, you will be told as soon as possible.

I want my frames re-plated, can the team help?

Yes, the technicians can help.

With over 50 years worth of industry presence, and can capably re-plate glasses frames in gold or silver.

This service is affordable, and you can receive a free quote for frame re-plating today.

The nose pads fell off of my glasses in London, can they be replaced?

This is a relatively common issue with glasses frames.

The technicians know how to carefully replace nose pads for all types of glasses.

You can be assured that only top quality replacement components are used in frame nose pad replacements for Kentish Town.

Do Kentish Town glasses frame repairs come with a warranty?

The professionals are happy to offer a 1 year warranty with all frame repairs for Kentish Town.

Glasses Frame Repairs Kentish Town

Fast and professional glasses frame repairs, replacements, and servicing for Kentish Town in London.

By providing the glasses repair service via express postal delivery, the technicians can keep overhead costs low, making their service more cost-effective for you the customer.

Your glasses will be safely delivered to the well stocked national repair centre, which provides glasses frame repairs for Kentish Town, as well as the whole of the nation.

Here the skilled specialists perform all frame repairs for Kentish Town using only top quality parts and equipment.

In 99.9% of cases, the experts can successfully accomplish durable repairs and replacements for your glasses frames, whatever the make or issue.

All brands and makes of glasses can have frames repaired, including those with metal or plastic frames, at a competitive cost. A couple of the popular brands repaired include Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Gucci, Oakley, Police, Prada and Ray Ban.

So what are you waiting for? Get your estimate for glasses frame repairs Kentish Town in London now!

Simply fill out the online form on this page with your contact details and glasses problem. The specialists will shortly contact you via email or phone during business hours.

Glasses Frame Repairs Kentish Town

Kentish Town Glasses Frame Repairs

If you need glasses frame repairs for Kentish Town in London, let help!

In the majority of cases the fully trained specialists at frame repairs for Kentish Town help customers whose opticians have told them that their glasses frames are not worth repairing.

But in 99.9% of cases, the specialists can repair frames thoroughly, saving you time and stress.

Replacing your glasses entirely when your frames are damaged can be expensive and frustrating, so why not see if repairs are achievable first?

With over 50 years of industry experience, the professionals know how to repair a vast range of glasses frames effectively.

The experts understand how valuable your glasses are to you, which is why a number of competitive services are provided at low prices to ensure you get the most out of your glasses.

A sample of the frame repair services the team provide for customers in Kentish Town include:

• Adjusting or replacing comfort bridges
• Fitting new nose pads
• Spring joint repairs
• Replacement arms
• Replacement supra cord
• Soldering
• Gold or silver plating or re-plating
• Removing and replacing damaged screws

These are just a selection of the services that can be provided by the professionals when conducting glasses frame repairs for Kentish Town.

Many more services can be offered asides from these, and if you let the technicians know what the problem is with your glasses, they will always try their best to help you.

The professionals repair all kinds of glasses frames for Kentish Town. For instance, exclusive designer glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses can be repaired, to name only a selection.

Glasses frame repairs for Kentish Town cover a number of materials including metal, titanium, plastic, stainless steel, horn, and even wood frames!

So whatever type of glasses you have, and whether your frames need replacing, repairing, or simply a service, turn to the helpful experts for help.

Get a quote for Kentish Town glasses frame repairs upon initial enquiry.

Just complete the online form on this page with your enquiry and the technicians will contact you soon. The professionals will gladly help you to arrange your glasses frame repair for Kentish Town in London via safe postal delivery to the national repair centre.

Recent Enquires

spec savers metal framei sat on my glasses and on lenses won`t stay in frame when I put lenses in


snapped metal on the bridge of a pair of artcraft usa vintage specs.


glasses were stepped on made of a special flexi material that means they won`t snap damage is to the hinge on one side the screw won`t stay in causing the lense to pop out


my 2yr old bent round the left-hand arm. the twist is just before the hinge.ray ban #:rb8055 004/71regards, matt.


rayban rb5154 x 51-21the lenses don`t fit the frame, do you do any walk in services?


rayban rx6378 2908dropped them on the pavement, frame surrounding left lense is now bent upwards and not following the shape of the lense. paint also chipped. can supply photos


alain mikli frame both hinges broken


prescription glasses, the right side has been bent outwards and i`ve taken the screw out which holds the side in the frame to bend back but the holes are out of place and I can`t fit the screw back through to put the side back on.


the arm has snapped off the arm is fine but the actual hinge and screw have snapped. could you quote a price and time scale


been trodden on. lens out of the frame.


rimless glasses with springy frame (the bits that go over ears to lenses). lenses still good but brifge snapped and part of frame snapped


reqire new precipitation in previous favourite frames if possible