Reglaze Glasses
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How much will lens reglazing cost?

This will depend upon the type of the glasses lens being replaced. Extra services, including tinted lenses, anti-glare coating, and servicing, will increase the price.

However, the experts always aim to keep prices realistic. Receive a free quote by filling in the online form today.

The lenses on my prescription sunglasses are damaged, can the team help?

Yes! The team are able to help you.

It is not reasonable to grind out scratches. Instead, it is more economical to get matching replacement lenses fitted. This can be carried out at an affordable cost.

How long does lens reglazing take?

Since lens reglazing is provided via post, lens reglazing can be fast.

Usually lens reglazing can be accomplished within 48 hours.

What kind of glasses does reglaze glasses cover?

Reglaze glasses is suitable for full-rim, semi-rimless, rimless glasses and sunglasses. The technicians can reglaze your single vision prescription, bi-focals, vari-focals, specialist lenses and prescription sunglasses.

Glasses Lens Replacement

For glasses lens replacement , can help! Getting glasses lens reglazed shouldn't be a chore.

The specialists understand that your glasses are important , so they aim to perform repairs promptly and carefully.

All makes and models of glasses, including sunglasses, are professionally reglazed or lenses are replaced using the best glasses repair methods in the business.

The recent customer testimonials reflects the 50 years of business know-how that the experts have. Save yourself time and money, and get in contact for an excellent glasses repair service at a low cost.

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Lens Reglazing

Reglaze Glasses

There could be all sorts of reasons as to why you want a reglaze glasses service.

You may have a new prescription, or your old lenses may be suffering from accidental damage or daily wear and tear.

Whatever the reason, the knowledgeable specialists can help.

With over 50 years of industry experience, they know how to replace and reglaze lenses carefully.

At their fully quipped national repair centre, they have a dedicated glazing department where they can undertake precise lens replacements and reglazing glasses.

They use only high quality components and tools, and the most cutting edge lens replacement and reglazing techniques.

This way you can rest assured that the lens replacements and reglazing are cost effective and comprehensive.

A few of the sorts of glasses they can be reglazed include:

• Single vision prescription glasses
• Sunglasses
• Bi-focals
• Vari-focals
• Reading or driving glasses
• Designer brand glasses

Why not get your money's worth out of your lens reglazing or replacement service?

The experts are happy to provide a variety of extra options in top of their standard lens reglazing and replacement service, including:

• Anti-reflective coating
• Transitions
• Coloured tints, from a selection of choices
• Ultraviolet
• Anti-scratch, or HC Hardcoat

You can select an ideal glasses lens reglazing service that suits your requirements.

Combinations of the listed extras are also available, and you can discuss your requirements by getting in contact today. All repairs are long lasting and economical, with a 12 month warranty being provided as standard.

To receive a quote glasses lens replacement, simply complete the online form on this page with your contact details and glasses problem. The polite team will soon get in contact shortly.

Recent Enquires

prada frames need reshaping. need quote for lenses also.


hi I have a set of rayban aviators that ive had for a long time the frame now looks tatty and the paint has cracked off also the lenses look like the coating is slightly fading off does this sound like something you guys could repair or sort for me they were a present from my brother and I would like to keep these forever if possible they have been awesome sunglasses


bent right arm and loose lense on first pairleft arm broke off second pair


my lens `popped out` of the frame while I was sitting reading :-( the screw has disappeared - and it`s really too small to have any hope of finding :-( how much would it cost to have a new screw put in - if that`s even possible?? thanks, marian


tom ford sunglasses - dimitry - ft0344-01pthe right arm of my sunglasses have broken away from the lenses. it looks like a small bit of plastic has snapped off. also one of my lenses has scratches on them. can both of these be fixed? and at what cost?


scratched lense broken nose support.


hi my glasses could possibly welding they are proscription lenses.


the lens on inside has quite a scratch,i live around the corner from you and need a really quick fix can I bring them to you and wait or recollect on same day ??


byblos varifocals frame broken left lens wont stay in


hi my wife dropped my sunglasses now one of the arms are out of shape and are quite loose and the left lens has completely broken I live in brighton. I wondered how much it would cost to repair them and wondered if they are official parts they are replaced with I go on holiday next friday so need them back for then. thanks


ray ban | rb x 901/58 x x 3p | left lens (left if you are wearing the glasses) is cracked and needs replacing.


cheapest lens replacement asap as I have no spare glasses at the moment.