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Does the team offer rimless glasses repair?

Yes, the knowledgeable team are experts in rimless glasses repairs for Clerkenwell glasses, alongside any other frame repairs that you might require.

How are the glasses repaired?

The experts offering glasses repairs Clerkenwell by postal service perform all repairs by hand.

They have been in the industry for over 50 years and use specialist tools to perform all repairs.

How long do Clerkenwell in London glasses repairs take?

Most of the time, glasses repairs for Clerkenwell in London are completed within 48 hours.

The specialists will advise you if your repair is likely to take longer.

My opticians in Clerkenwell says my glasses can not be repaired?

If you have been informed by an optician or retail store that your glasses cannot be repaired, then don't worry. In 99.9% of cases this is not true!

Where numerous companies have failed, the team will try it's utmost to complete a dependable and cost-effective glasses repair service for Clerkenwell.

Glasses Repair Clerkenwell

Stress free glasses repair service for Clerkenwell in London by express postal service.

Glasses repairs for Clerkenwell are completed at the fully equipped glasses repair centre.

Here the team can repair your glasses at an affordable price, and within 48 hours most of the time.

The experienced professionals are able to repair stainless steel, titanium, acetate, plastic, wood and even horn glasses at the dedicated modern repair centre.

Common glasses repaired include:

• Children's Glasses
• Prescription Glasses
• Designer Glasses
• Old Glasses
• Reading Glasses

If your glasses are broken, or need sprucing up, then think about repairs before paying a fortune on a new pair of glasses.

All glasses repaired are provided with a 12 month warranty for your reassurance.

If you need glasses repair for Clerkenwell in London or need a quote, just fill in the glasses form and the specialists will contact you back soon via phone and email.

The experts will discuss the repair cost and how you can send the glasses to the dedicated national repair centre.

Glasses repair Clerkenwell

Spectacles Repair Clerkenwell

Dependable glasses repairs for customers from Clerkenwell in London via direct postage to the national repair centre.

The specialists repair, modify and replace components of your glasses by hand to ensure the best level of workmanship possible at the cutting edge glasses repair centre.

The team offer thorough repairs and servicing for all designer glasses from the top brands, such as:

• Ray-Ban
• Converse
• Gucci
• Prada
• Ralph Lauren
• Bvlgari

These are just a selection of the brands which can be repaired by the experts with 50 years of industry know-how.

The professionals repair many of broken glasses on a daily basis.

Prompt turnarounds for glasses repairs are possible as the experts keep full stocks of top quality glasses parts and tools, before sending back your repaired spectacles to your Clerkenwell house or work.

All kinds of glasses can be repaired, including rimless glasses, aviator glasses, oval glasses and rectangle glasses, to name just a few examples.

A few of the glasses repair for Clerkenwell provided by the professionals include:

• Glasses servicing
• Glasses realignment
• Glasses reglazing
• Temple tips repairs
• Lens replacement

These are just some of the effective glasses repair services that the technicians can offer for customers from Clerkenwell in London.

All spectacle repairs for Clerkenwell come with a 12 month warranty for extra reassurance.

For more information on the services, simply visit the the glasses information page.

Obtain your estimate regarding glasses repairs for Clerkenwell in London.

If you need glasses repairs and are in Clerkenwell, simply complete the glasses form with your contact information and glasses problem.

The technicians will get in touch you back soon via phone and email for further information on the national postage service.

Recent Enquires

specsavers| aviators| my arm on my glasses snapped cleanly towards the bottom. can it be fixed please


the nose pad metal arm of my timberland tb1250 glasses has snapped off. i`m based in the jewellery quarter as you`ll see from my postcode so i`d like to pop in and drop the glasses off for repair. what`s your address?


i have a scratch smudge on both lenses its no bigger than a half a centimetre in diameter. will I need new lenses or can they be repaired


i have two pairs of ray bans with scratched lenses. is this something you could repair?thanks


i`m looking to get scratches off my lenses, either new one or if its possible current ones repaired.


gucci the lens is scratched would like them repaired


armani/?/ the left hand arm has snapped. can I have an estimate for this repair? thanks


hi, I have some rayban sunglasses that have really scratched lenses that i`d like fixed or replaced. could you provide me with a quote?thanksmollie


looking to repair the following: - tiffanys - the side has snapped offd


one arm snapped off and I think it can be repaired says optician


i have gucci sunglasses code gg 3525/k/s d28jj and the gucci heart logo has come off one arm. are you able to repair this please and how much would it cost? thanks!


hi,i recently accidently sat on my ray ban clubmaster sunglasses, the lenses have popped out of the fraim and are unable to be secured in place and the arms are slightly out of line. will these be able to be repaired, if so how much will it cost me?many thanks nathan