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Does the team offer rimless glasses repair?

Yes, the fully trained professionals are experts in rimless glasses repairs for Farnborough glasses, alongside any other frame repairs that you may require.

How are the glasses repaired?

The professional providing glasses repairs Farnborough by postal service carry out all repairs by hand.

They have been in the business for over 50 years and use genuine tools to carry out all repairs.

How long do Farnborough in Hampshire glasses repairs take?

In the majority of cases, glasses repairs for Farnborough in Hampshire are finished within 24-48 hours.

The professionals will advise you if your repair may take longer.

My opticians in Farnborough says my glasses can not be repaired?

If you have been informed by an optician or retail store that your glasses should not be repaired, then don't stress. In 99.9% of cases this is not true!

Where many companies have failed, the specialists will try it's best to conduct a long lasting and economical glasses repair service for Farnborough.

Area covered : GU14

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This map illustrates GU14 Farnborough. We may only cover GU14 Farnborough area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

Glasses Repair Farnborough

Hassle free glasses repair service for Farnborough in Hampshire via secure postal service.

Glasses repairs for Farnborough are conducted at the large glasses repair centre.

Here the experts can repair your glasses at a realistic price, and within 48 hours normally.

The fully trained team are able to repair titanium, plastic, wood, stainless steel, plastic and even horn glasses at the national modern repair centre.

Common glasses repaired include:

• Children's Glasses
• Prescription Glasses
• Designer Glasses
• Old Glasses
• Reading Glasses

If your glasses are broken, or need sprucing up, then consider repairs before paying a fortune on a new pair of glasses.

All glasses repaired come with a 1 year warranty for your peace of mind.

If you need glasses repair for Farnborough in Hampshire or require a quote, simply fill in the glasses form and the technicians will contact you back shortly via phone and email.

The professionals will discuss the repair estimate and how you can send the glasses to the well stocked national repair centre.

Glasses repair Farnborough

Spectacles Repair Farnborough

Expert glasses repairs for customers from Farnborough in Hampshire by secure postage to the well stocked repair centre.

The technicians repair, modify and replace components of your glasses by hand to ensure the best of workmanship achievable at the fully equipped glasses repair centre.

The team provide precise repairs and servicing for all designer glasses from the most popular brands, for example:

• Gucci
• Prada
• Converse
• Ralph Lauren
• Bvlgari
• Ray-Ban

These are just some of the brands which can be covered by the technicians with 50 years of business practice.

The specialists repair hundreds of damaged glasses on a regular basis.

Fast turnarounds for glasses repairs are achievable as the technicians keep good stocks of high grade glasses parts and tools, before returning your repaired spectacles to your Farnborough home or workplace.

All types of glasses can be repaired, such as aviator glasses, rimless glasses, rectangle glasses and oval glasses, to name only a selection examples.

A selection of the glasses repair for Farnborough offered by the technicians include:

• Lens replacement
• Glasses realignment
• Glasses servicing
• Glasses reglazing
• Temple tips repairs

These are only a few of the competitive glasses repair services that the specialists can provide for customers from Farnborough in Hampshire.

All spectacle repairs for Farnborough include a 1 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

For more details on the services, just visit the the glasses information page.

Receive your estimate regarding glasses repairs for Farnborough in Hampshire.

If you want glasses repairs and are in Farnborough, just fill in the glasses form with your contact details and glasses issue.

The specialists will contact you back shortly via phone and email for further details on the national postage service.

Recent Enquires

hi there,have been looking at getting prescription lenses in my sunglasses for a while now, and then thins morning I have dropped and broke the left lens, so might as well get them fixed with prescription lenses.they are rayban new wayfarer (rb2132) please could you let me know an approx price to replace? prescription is; r sph x cyl x axis x l sph x cyl x axis 175.0.many thanksleigh


sunglasses repair


someone stood on my ray bans and one of the glasses arms has come off and the other distorted. just need them both re fixing. they are my only pair and I need them done asap. many thanks.


the screw has snapped on my glasses. can you repair?


chloe sunglasses (model cl2260 c01 140) with a scratch on one lens. I would like this repaired or new lenses. I go on holiday wednesday evening. any chance this could be fixed by end of play wednesday? kind regards. katie


lipsy glasses. left (mistakenly) in the presence of a 3 year old both sticks have come off and screws lost. currently holding the glasses with two earrings! been to vision express who say they cannot repair and would need to buy new ones!


hi the arm has fallen off my glasses. I want them repaired. how can I a quote and get them o you please?


the right lens has fallen out. still have lens intact. they are polarised. I think they are called warrior please confirm how much to get repaired and timescales.


i have these ray ban glasses. no sure on the spec but they have a €bendy€™ feature in which the handles can be bent to a point without snapping off. well, just got out the car and found one of the handles completely snapped off. luckily didn€™t lose the handle and have the whole set available to dispatch for repair. would love you if you could mend it as it€™s my favourite pair.


i have a snapped titanium gold glasses, needs to be repaired. please let me know if you could, also if you could send me your address. thank you


hi, I have a set of prada linea rossa and there seems to be a film that is peeling off the lens.the lenses are this something you can repair?cheers


hi, the side has snapped off my sunglasses completely. how much would it be to repair this and where is this based.