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Does the team offer rimless glasses repair?

Yes, the fully trained professionals are experts in rimless glasses repairs glasses, alongside any other frame repairs that you might need.

How are the glasses repaired?

The technicians offering glasses repairs by postal service conduct all repairs by hand.

They have been in the business for over 50 years and use custom built tools to conduct all repairs.

How long do glasses repairs take?

In many cases, glasses repairs are done within 24-48 hours.

The technicians will advise you if your repair may potentially take longer.

My opticians says my glasses can not be repaired?

If you have been told by an optician or retail store that your glasses should not be repaired, then don't panic. In 99.9% of cases this is not true!

Where several companies have failed, the professionals will try it's best to carry out a long lasting and helpful glasses repair service.

Glasses Repair

Hassle free glasses repair service via secure postal service.

Glasses repairs are performed at the dedicated glasses repair centre.

Here the technicians can repair your glasses at an agreeable cost, and within 48 hours usually.

The capable technicians are able to repair titanium, plastic, wood, stainless steel, plastic and even horn glasses at the well established modern repair centre.

Common glasses repaired include:

• Children's Glasses
• Prescription Glasses
• Designer Glasses
• Old Glasses
• Reading Glasses

If your glasses are damaged, or need servicing, then look for repairs before breaking the bank on a new pair of glasses.

All glasses repaired include a 1 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

If you require glasses repair or require a quote, simply complete the glasses form and the technicians will contact you back shortly via phone and email.

The technicians will discuss the repair price and how you can send the glasses to the fully equipped national repair centre.

Glasses repair

Spectacles Repair

Durable glasses repairs for customers via direct postage to the national repair centre.

The specialists repair, modify and replace components of your glasses by hand to ensure the highest standard of workmanship possible at the national glasses repair centre.

The team offer thorough repairs and servicing for all designer glasses from the top brands, such as:

• Ray-Ban
• Converse
• Gucci
• Prada
• Ralph Lauren
• Bvlgari

These are just a selection of the brands which can be repaired by the specialists with 50 years of industry know-how.

The professionals repair many of broken glasses on a daily basis.

Prompt turnarounds for glasses repairs are possible as the specialists keep full stocks of top quality glasses parts and tools, before sending back your repaired spectacles to your house or work.

All kinds of glasses can be repaired, including rimless glasses, aviator glasses, oval glasses and rectangle glasses, to name just a few examples.

A few of the glasses repair provided by the professionals include:

• Glasses servicing
• Glasses realignment
• Glasses reglazing
• Temple tips repairs
• Lens replacement

These are just some of the professional glasses repair services that the technicians can offer for customers.

All spectacle repairs come with a 12 month warranty for extra reassurance.

For more information on the services, simply visit the the glasses information page.

Obtain your estimate regarding glasses repairs.

If you need glasses repairs and are, simply complete the glasses form with your contact information and glasses problem.

The technicians will get in touch you back soon via phone and email for further information on the national postage service.

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