Get a call-back/estimate for glasses repair Upton Park within 24/48 hours


How much will it cost repair my glasses?

The cost will depend on the type of the repair. Additional services, including tinted lenses, anti-glare coating, and servicing, will add more cost.

What if I need just the frames repairing?

If its only your spectacle frames that are broken, like the hinge or nose clip and your lenses are not scratched, the team can assist with a fix to that as well

Does the team offer a walk-in service for glasses repair Upton Park?

The team does not provide a walk-in repair service for Upton Park glasses repairs, as it generates unnecessary costs onto you the customer when a shop presence has to be maintained.

All glasses repairs for Upton Park are offered by post and in most cases, glasses can be repaired within 24-48 hours.

I broke my glasses and my opticians in Upton Park have told me that I require replacement glasses?

Before getting rid of your glasses in Upton Park, why not see if the technicians can get your glasses fixed?

In 99.9% of situations your glasses can be fixed at a low price.

How are my glasses repaired?

All glasses repairs for Upton Park are performed by hand.

It means that each unique pair of glasses gets the attention it deserves whilst being personally mended by the knowledgeable professionals.

What glasses can be repaired by the experienced team?

The fully trained experts can repair all types of glasses including top brand glasses, designer glasses, sunglasses, old glasses, new glasses and prescription glasses.

For glasses repair Upton Park by post, please send away the online form on this page today.

Glasses Upton Park

Competitive glasses repairs for Upton Park in London.

Every glasses repair for Upton Park is provided via a secure postal service that ensures a convenient service and added reassurance.

All glasses are taken to the national glasses repair centre where all the highest grade tools of the trade are stocked.

This allows the specialists to complete efficient and long lasting repairs.

With over fifty years of experience, the specialists understand what customers need when looking for glasses repairs in London.

That's why they aim to keep costs low, and only undertake repairs that are cost effective and preferable than purchasing new glasses.

Their motto is 'good as new', and that's how your glasses will be when you get them back!

To book a glasses repair or to speak to the specialists regarding glasses repair for Upton Park in London, just complete the glasses form and the professionals will contact you back shortly.

Glasses Upton Park

Glasses Repair Specialist Upton Park and London

Glasses repairs for customers in Upton Park and London, completed by knowledgeable glasses repair team.

With a dedicated stock of glasses parts such as high quality lenses, frames and pads, the well stocked national repair centre provides some of the best glasses repairs in the country.

Having easy access to all these parts and tools, the technicians can ensure swift turnarounds and excellent glasses repair.

Each pair of glasses that the technicians repair from Upton Park is carried out by an optical professional who repairs all types of glasses, including sunglasses, using the most cutting edge repair techniques.

The safe postal service means that you can fit your glasses repair around your daily routine.

The glasses repair service for Upton Park in London is helpful, efficient and worry free.

A large range of glasses repairs and services for customers from London is offered, such as:

• Glasses realignment
• Glasses servicing
• Glasses reglazing
• Lens replacement
• Broken glasses frame

All glasses and spectacle repairs for Upton Park include a 1 year warranty for added peace of mind.

Save yourself a lot of time and effort, and let help.

If you want spectacle or glasses repairs for Upton Park in London, just fill in the glasses repair form on this page with the following information:

• Contact details (the staff will contact you via email or phone soon)
• Type of glasses
• Glasses fault or service required.

Fill in the form and you'll soon have your Upton Park glasses and spectacle repair, without the worry!

Recent Enquires

rimless glasses repair also I have 2 sets of existing glasses that I wish to use for a new prescription.please let me know if this can be done and how long it would take. many thanks


hi,i need my glasses repaired one of my arms has come off. also, I need a new lenses, as I have a new prescription.thanks,alicia


i sent an enquiry for repair of some glasses yesterday but haven`t received a reply. are you open for glass repairs at the moment ?