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I scratched the lenses on my sunglasses. Can they be replaced?

Unfortunately, the technicians cannot grind out scratches in your damaged lenses.

But with replacement lenses at reasonable prices, it is very economical to get a new matching lens for your favourite pair of sunglasses.

Top end sunglasses can have lenses replaced, as well as prescription sunglasses.

I need my sunglasses repaired before my holiday. How fast is the service?

The express postal service for sunglasses repairs helps to speed the process up.

On average sunglasses repairs can be accomplished within only 48 hours.

Please get in touch with the experts today for a free quotes by email or phone.

What is the price of sunglasses repair by post?

The professionals are proud to provide a high standard of repair at reasonable prices.

The specific price of sunglasses repair will depend upon the extent of damage.

To receive your free estimate from the professionals, please make an enquiry online today.

Does the team reglaze sunglasses customers?

Yes, reglazing of old sunglasses customers by post is provided.

A vast range of colours with high grade lenses supplying full UV protection is provided.

Please contact the repair centre now for more details.

Sunglasses Repair

Professional sunglasses repairs at affordable prices

The skilled technicians provide the best sunglasses repairs by postage to the well established sunglasses repair centre.

The technicians have over 50 years worth of practice in sunglasses repairs and maintenance, so they can make sure your sunglasses look nearly new.

The experts are excellent at repairing broken sunglasses, using the highest quality spare parts and tools in the industry.

Sunglasses repairs are offered for top designer brands including Bvlgari, Chopard, Porsche Design and Chanel to name but a few.

All repaired sunglasses will be returned back to your chosen address include a 1 year warranty.

Arrange your sunglasses repair now.

If you are and need a fast sunglasses repair, just fill in the form on this page.

The friendly team will contact you back shortly via email or phone, providing you with an estimate.

Sunglasses repair

Designer Sunglasses Repair

Effective glasses repairs for customers by post to the modern repair centre.

The technicians have many years of training in the repair, modification and replacement of sunglasses.

All repairs are performed by hand to ensure the best standard of repair work at the dedicated glasses repair centre.

They offer sunglasses repairs covering the most common makes including:

• Gucci
• Dior
• Porsche Design
• Marc Jacobs
• Tom Ford
• Police
• Ray-Ban
• Prada

These are only a handful of the sunglasses makes that the approved technicians can successfully repair.

99.9% of glasses and faults can be repaired by the technicians. Their consistent success rate for sunglasses repairs is shown in their positive customer testimonies.

The independent repair centre offers the quickest turnarounds for sunglasses repairs, as the repair centre keeps a large variety of sunglasses spare parts and equipment.

A selection of the sunglasses repairs that the staff regularly carry out are:

• Lens Replacement
• Glasses Servicing
• Sunglasses Reglazing
• Frame Repairs
• Sunglasses Realignment

This is only a small sample of sunglasses repairs at carried out for customers.

Contact the professionals now for any other problem you may encounter with your sunglasses.

Every pair of sunglasses repaired is provided with a 12 month warranty covering parts fitted.

For more details on the services, just take a look at the the 'Glasses Information' page.

Request an estimate for your sunglasses repair

If you want sunglasses repairs and are, just fill out the sunglasses form with your contact information and sunglasses problem.

The experts will contact you back soon by phone or email for further information on the nationwide repair service.

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rayban sunglasses, lense smashed and therefore fallen out


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animal metal framed sunglasses. nose pad arm broken off.


prada sunglasses the lens is held to the frame by tiny screws that go from the inside though to the front which look like they have a tiny cap on the from of the lens. this may be a decorative nut that is just flat that the screw screws into to pull the lens into the frame???? anyone of the screws and nuts/caps is missing


hi I have a pair of sunglasses and the arm has snapped off I was just wondering the approx cost for this.


hi I urgently need a pair of sunglasses repaired by tomorrow evening as im going away on of handle has come of the hinge to the frame.i am based in angel islington to have to deliver it myself to centre close by.please can you get in touch as soon as possible if able to meet the request?kind regards,emmanuel


lense smashed on ray ban sunglasses needs replacement and arms realigning.


ray band rounds metal framed sunglasses. left arm of sunglasses frame is bent and hyperextending so glasses no longer fit on face.


vintage style glasses repurposed as aviator style sunglasses. brand unknown. 1) replace a missing a lens to match existing lens or, replace with two new lens similar to current style2) the left metal arm is quite badly warped and needs some attention


my prada sunglasses arm have snapped of the frame


guess sunglasses two screws fallen out that hold the arm onto the frame


i unfortunately have scratched my sunglasses, and in desperate need of a repair!