Get a call-back/estimate for sunglasses repair within 24/48 hours


I cracked the lenses on my sunglasses. Can they be fixed?

Unfortunately, the specialists cannot grind out scratches in your damaged lenses.

But with replacement lenses at low prices, it is very economical to get a new matching lens for your best pair of sunglasses.

High quality sunglasses can have lenses replaced, as well as prescription sunglasses.

I need my sunglasses repaired before my holiday. How fast is the service?

The reliable postal service for sunglasses repairs helps to speed the process up.

Usually sunglasses repairs can be finished within just 48 hours.

Please get in touch with the staff now for a free estimate by email or phone.

What is the price of sunglasses repair by post?

The experts are proud to offer an excellent standard of repair at affordable prices.

The precise price of sunglasses repair will depend upon the nature of damage.

To obtain your free estimate from the team, please make an enquiry online today.

Does the team reglaze sunglasses customers?

Yes, reglazing of worn sunglasses customers by post is provided.

A vast number of colours with high quality lenses providing full UV protection is provided.

Please contact the repair centre now for further information.

Sunglasses Repair

Effective sunglasses repairs at fair prices

The experienced specialists offer the best sunglasses repairs by postage to the well equipped sunglasses repair centre.

The experts have over 50 years worth of know how in sunglasses repairs and maintenance, so they can make sure your sunglasses look as good as new.

The professionals are excellent at repairing broken sunglasses, using the best spare parts and tools in the industry.

Sunglasses repairs are provided for high end designer brands including Bvlgari, Chopard, Porsche Design and Chanel to name only a few.

All repaired sunglasses will be returned back to your selected address include a 12 month warranty.

Schedule your sunglasses repair today.

If you are and want a quick sunglasses repair, simply fill out the form on this page.

The knowledgeable team will contact you back shortly via email or phone, providing you with a quote.

Sunglasses repair

Designer Sunglasses Repair

Careful glasses repairs for customers via post to the modern repair centre.

The specialists have many years of industry presence in the repair, modification and replacement of sunglasses.

All repairs are carried out by hand to ensure the top level of repair work at the fully equipped glasses repair centre.

They offer sunglasses repairs covering the most famous makes including:

• Gucci
• Dior
• Porsche Design
• Marc Jacobs
• Tom Ford
• Police
• Ray-Ban
• Prada

These are just a selection of the sunglasses makes that the approved specialists can successfully repair.

99.9% of glasses and problems can be repaired by the team. Their excellent success rate for sunglasses repairs is proven in their happy customer testimonies.

The independent repair centre provides the swiftest turnarounds for sunglasses repairs, as the repair centre has a vast range of sunglasses spare parts and tools.

Some of the sunglasses repairs that the professionals regularly offer are:

• Sunglasses Reglazing
• Sunglasses Realignment
• Frame Repairs
• Glasses Servicing
• Lens Replacement

This is only a small list of sunglasses repairs at provided for customers.

Contact the specialists now for any other problem you may encounter with your sunglasses.

Every pair of sunglasses repaired comes with a 12 month warranty covering parts fitted.

For more information on the services, just visit the the 'Glasses Information' page.

Request an estimate for your sunglasses repair

If you want sunglasses repairs and are, just complete the sunglasses form with your contact information and sunglasses problem.

The specialists will contact you back shortly via phone or email for further information on the national repair service.

Recent Enquires

tinted sunglasses (lens) peeling off - damaged


oakley sunglasses. lenses are scratched and need realigning for a better fit. thanks


genuine prada sunglasses, not sure on model. one lense is very scratched, would like it replaced/fixed. one lense screw has already been changed but are not matching, would like a pair of genuine screws put in place.


hi I have a pair of bvlgari womens limited edition sunglasses with swarovski flower design arms with pink lenses. I have broken one of the arms and need to get this repaired . the left hand side arm needs re attaching to lense I am struggling to find a repairer who can do this are you able to repair


ray ban sunglasses snapped at front bridge on frame.


i have two pairs of glasses that need repairing. I accidentally sat on prada sunglasses. the lense has come off and i`ve lost 1 small screw but they still look repairable. I also have a brand new pair that appears to be missing one small screw.


i have persol sunglasses which have become a little bent and slip off the nose. I also require prescription lenses which I was hoping could be fitted to these persols. is this something you can do? bwchris


i have gucci sunglasses model no. gg 2861/s 132r5. the lenses have been damaged and need replacing, one is chipped and they both have minor scratches on the glass. please could you advise me if this is possible and also the cost. thank you.


are you able to replace a broken leg on a pair of tom ford miranda (i think!) sunglasses. if so can you give me an idea of cost.thanks,


ray ban men`s sunglasses arm snapped off


hisimply I have snapped the little nose pad arm on my sunglasses which I presume need souldering.what would be the charge for thisregardsashley


prada sunglassesinside nose pad missingarms protection covering shabby / rough - needs smoothing